Plasma Gun F5000 high efficiency plasma gun

The AMT type F5000 High Efficiency Plasma Spray Gun is specially developed to produce high volume coatings in multiple shift operation. All single components of the spray gun are rigidly designed in order to work under extreme rough conditions in industrial environments even in multiple shift operation. The gun can be integrated into a conventional atmospheric plasma spray system (APS). AMT provides specific gun hardware to operate the F5000 under a controlled atmosphere process as well (e.g. VPS).Plasma Gun F5000

The type F5000 gun can be run with nearly all conventional plasma spray gases, as there are Argon, Helium and/or Hydrogen, depending on the gun hardware (nozzle/electrode) used. The water cooled plasma gun is equipped with a single cathode and can be integrated into nearly all existing type MP 200 Plasma Control Systems.

There are multiple hardware combinations available from AMT stock optimized to your specific needs for your individual spray process application:

  • Alternative nozzle / electrode type combinations
  • Multiple powder injectors with different diameters and injector angles
  • Air jet assemblies with different diameters and injector angles

AMT will support you in finding the optimized hardware configuration for your specific coating demands.

The gun is delivered in a rigid gun box with one set of consumable parts (nozzle, electrode together with a complete gun O-ring set) and a maintenance tooling set.

Specifications F5000 plasma gun

  • Maximum Power                  up to 120 kW
  • Current                                max. 1500 A
  • Plasma Gases:                    Ar, He, H2
  • Gas Flows                           up to 175 SLPM
  • Dimensions                         Ø 90 x L200 mm
  • Water Flow                          20 - 30      ltr./Min
  • Weight (without gun cables)  4000g

Wear Parts, Spare Parts and Consumables

AMT delivers a wide range of wear, spare and consumable parts for nearly all commercial plasma spray guns from stock. Please ask for a quotation.