Powder Feeder Single-Eco flow tube control

Powder Feeder Single-EcoThe Powder Feeder Single-Eco is a flow tube controlled economic powder feeder, designed for stand-alone operation. It is optimized to be operated together with the UP 80 and HV 80 Thermal Spray Controller.

The powder feeder is equipped with one unit of 1.5 liter version powder hopper. This rigidly designed powder feeder can be combined with nearly all thermal spray systems available on the market.

All controls for carrier gas flow as well as all other regulators are installed within the feeder control console. The settings can be done manually at the feeder control console.

The carrier gas is controlled by flow tube which guarantees a stable and reliable feed rate over the whole spray process.

AMT powder feeders are designed to meet all required safety and gas control standards.

This powder feed system is designed according to the latest CE regulations.